Softball? Guess you can say that’s where my heart is. As I grew up in Hooks, Texas, I’ve always loved watching softball as a small child. Softball actually runs in my family, so it’s always been special to me.

Once I moved here to North Carolina, I started playing fast pitch softball in the seventh grade for my school. I realized that I did quite well in it and wanted to play all year round. I then decided to try out for a travel ball team my following eighth grade year.

After they put me on the team, I fell in love with the game of softball. Before I knew it I was trying out for the varsity softball team for my high school. I made varsity and played all four of my years in high school. It was very bittersweet leaving my softball girls. Softball takes me to my happy place and takes all my worries away. I think everyone should also have that hobby or interest that they can do to relieve stress.